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How I Got My Life Back !
by Barbara A. Bertucci

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My Nikken Video Story

In 1995, I had accepted a very, troublesome reality. I had been hurting, and in excrutiating back discomfort for about 4 years. My prognosis was one that anyone would dread to hear. The doctors told me that they could remove my disc, put a rod in my back or fuse my back together..... all of which was going to insure that I would be without this discomfort.

I decided to go the natural route. I would get some relief though minor but never was there total relief. This past year, I found an old diary where I said, "How can I go on hurting this bad......I just want to go to sleep and never wake up." I must have been hurting really bad to write that, especially with small children at the time. I tried the sleep system and the day time products and after three days of wearing them at all times, I woke up and discovered I had no discomfort at all. As a matter of fact , I had more flexibility and energy than I had had in years.

Not only was I able to work out after my recovery process, I created a dream of becoming Mrs. St. Petersburg 2004 and ran for the Mrs Florida that same year. What an amazing honor when just a few years prior I never thought I would be able to be physically motivated again due to my pain levels.

The fact that I could work out and get into shape was awesome.

I feel better today in my forties than I ever did in my thirties. Thanks to God and Nikken and these amazing products... I got my life back.

Call me today to find out how you can have this amazing energy and agility.

Loving Life,
Barbara A. Bertucci

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